Tai Chi, test if your energy body is aligned with your physical body



Distorted energy patterns throw our body out of alignment and result in stress, illness, depression and hopelessness. The more we are aware of what our body is telling us by acknowledging our feelings, the more we can choose to correct the process that is causing the disruption of energy flow. We are constantly influenced by demands from our families, friends and the collective consciousness -- and we need to know how to distribute stress throughout the entire body to keep from overloading our hearts and minds. By balancing our inner female (yin) and inner male (yang) energies, we can help the body stay healthy.


The more you focus on your soul and receive its guidance, the easier your life becomes. The soul wants to explore and create in the physical world; however, it needs the body to supply the vessel to connect it to the earth plane. Since the body is fluid and flexible, the mind can create new neural pathways to support permanent change. You can make the choice to shift your reality from the box of limitation to the quantum field of all possibilities using the body as a tool for transformation.