Laboratory for clinical motion analysis

 A complete set of protocols for motion analysis

The scenery may change, but a player's road to optimal performance never ends.

While athletes' careers evolve and goals change, one constant is the demand for staying at the top of their game, and pushing it to new levels. The only way to do that is by unlocking potential while avoiding or recovering from injury.

That's why All Round  develops personalized game plans for athletes around the world at any point in their career, from college tryouts to professional championships to retirement. We only do what works best for the team and every player.
Athletes recovering from ACL injuries work with our Training All Round sports specialists to design and optimize individual rehabilitation plans utilizing research-grade biomechanical testing data.

Our sports performance training is provided through a combination of in-person coaching as well as mobile tools and helpful online content.

So teams and athletes always have useful data, insights, and expert guidance within reach.

All Round Lab is the result of 20 years of research and experience in this field and it's the ideal solution for professionals performing clinical motion and gait analysis. Hundreds of trainer all over the world use our protocols, is one of motion capture system on the market using the most advanced technology which is designed and produced.

The lab supplies to the Trainer the quantitative information and objective data needed to identify and analyze walking and posture problems, load anomalies and muscle failure, which would not be measurable with normal clinical exams.

The digital synchronization of different analysis tools helps to simultaneously compare, frame by frame, the patient's movements of limbs and muscles and force distribution on the surface during movement.

Our program is designed to increase vision speed, accuracy, and reaction time, while decreasing risk of injury. The result is faster processing and improved all-around performance - an undeniable competitive advantage.


we utilize science-driven methods and develops industry-leading programs that are outcome based, results focused and centered on personal achievement.Introducing the Training All Round, an elite athletic performance and recovery facility that is unparalleled. Utilizing innovative, science-based methods, our industry-leading team of experts-strength coaches, sports dietitians, physical therapists, athletic trainers, biomechanists, sports chiropractors, massage therapists, sports acupuncturist and sports psychologists-work together to form a personalized approach for the athlete.
Collectively, we establish a foundation for athletic performance that promises to challenge, inspire and produce real results.