Do you Best and forget the rest                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

About us

Sometimes the most innovative ideas evolve from the simplest concepts. That's the case with All Round Movement Systems. Our story is not remarkable. Our model was not developed in a state-of-the-art lab. To be honest, it all started with our co-founder, Fabio Martella, sketching diagrams of movement patterns...on a napkin. Those sketches laid the foundation for our entire system.

Some consider us pioneers in the world of movement. Looking back to 1995, we were healthcare and fitness pros working with people - from high performance athletes to elderly patients in rehab - who displayed signs of dysfunction either from an injury or poor movement quality in general. And, while we originally designed the screen for sport school and colleges athletes where we live in Rome Italy, it quickly caught attention and gained notoriety with organizations like the Italian military and professional sports teams.

If you strive to improve and take pride in working hard Fabio training is the type of training for YOU!

The mission of Fabio is to design and integrate sports performance programs to enhance athletic performance, minimize injury potential and support his clients/athletes every step of the way to assure they achieve their goals. Fabio provides integrated science based training that incorporates a periodized system prioritizing movements over body parts. This system enables us to conduct the most effective sessions that get our athletes stronger, moving better and in better overall shape.

"Improving performance requires a multidisciplinary approach. Hence there are a number of factors which can result in either a positive manner (improving performance) or in a negative manner (attenuating performance)."

Fabio Martella, a qualified Sports Scientist, has a lifetime of experience in international and elite level sport. Having been a former international athlete he has an understanding of the unique demands athletes place on their bodies, and is in high demand to work with both healthy and injured individuals.

Fabio's specialism is biomechanics and movement neurology, and has travelled the World to study and work under the very best in these areas. His approach to human movement and performance is 360 degree and covers the connection and correlation between movement, neurology, psychology and emotional wellbeing.

Fabio is fortunate enough to have worked alongside some of the Worlds leading coaches and medical professionals in preparing athletes for competition World, and Olympic level. His client list includes multiple World champions across a variety of sports.


                Professor of motor sciences

              Certified physiotherapist

              Physiologist of the Italian Exercise Company

      Certified specialist for resistance and conditioning

National Association for Resistance and Conditioning

              Specialist in medical practice

He is the Sports Director of All Round Sport & Wellness of Rome, in Italy, an international level structure, works with a high profile clientele of elite professional athletes.

Fabio Martella
Fabio Martella

The Sports Performance Coach is a new breed of uniquely qualified performance coach for the next generation of athletes. Encompassing a greater scope of knowledge in all of the related aspects of performance (movement, recovery & regeneration, nutrition, flexibility, energy system development, strength, evaluation, etc.), this athletic development specialist possesses a totally encompassing and diverse background to assist the All Round coaches and athletes with the most innovative, effective and ethical means to help each achieve his/her athletic goals. Our purpose is to help, educate and adjust as many Athletes as possible towards optimal health by movement analisis, through natural Chiropractic care, Functional Neurology, Postural Neurology, and Functional Medicine, therapeutic and body work and physical therapy.

Every athlete that walks through our doors receives personalized training tailored to accomplish their goals. Our outstanding strength coaches provide multi-dimensional coaching at various competitive levels, from youth to elite and professional athletes.

In both team and small group training, our specialists work with you on athletic performance optimization, muscle endurance, sport-specific training and strength training programs geared towards your athletic goals and ambitions.

"I constantly encourage my athletes to work with a push through every rep, every set, and every drill to get better.

Training is my passion and I pride myself on motivating and maximizing the potential of anyone that refuses to settle for mediocrity.

Strive for GREATNESS in all that you do and allow PASSION to be your guide!"